Art. 1


The terms and conditions are subject to each sales agreement by a visitor using the site Conson Shop by any way, hereafter named as “the client” with Conson Shop - Cottyn & Partners bv -  J.B. De Greeflaan 12 – 1731 Zellik – Belgium - BE0446673122. These terms and conditions always have priority on any other from the client. Further terms and conditions are excluded from the client, except if we explicitly agree with it by letter.

Art. 2

The client

A visitor can only become a client on the Conson Shop in case of a professional job in the field of electronics such as home automation with VAT-number. Only clients from certain EU-countries are allowed to make orders on the Conson Shop and who can be delivered by Bpost. Only then a client can make an account. Other non-European countries with a VAT-number are subject to manual validation. In case of an invalid VAT-number, the orders will be cancelled and the client will be informed about it. It is so the Conson Shop only allows professional clients, and not consumers. 

Art. 3

Ordering and price level

The prices on Conson Shop are always mentioned VAT exclusive or VAT inclusive. The final price of an order will always be VAT inclusive unless it’s a shipment to another country in the EU (see Art. 2) with a valid VAT number. The pricing is for professional clients with a VAT number. The price per type of product will reduce according to the quantity. In case of larger quantities, you need to contact your wholesaler us or.

An agreement becomes valid by sending the order electronically by clicking the “Agree with this order” button as well as an email with the order contents.


Art. 4


A payment is ONLY allowed by Bancontact or Visa (Stripe).

Art. 5


Purchased goods will not be taken back and no refund will be possible.


Art. 6


The execution of the agreement will be done upon payment by Bancontact or Visa (Stripe)The delivery of the ordered products will be done as quickly as possible. In case of an appropriate delayed execution, there is no right for an compensation.

Art. 7


The products sold are part of industrial activities. The warranty start for one year from the moment the product has been delivered. Each product has its own serial number as reference to become the warranty on condition the product has been used following the technical specifications. Damage caused by incorrect use, such as erroneous feeding or short-circuit at the outputs will not be covered by the warranty. The return shipment is at the expense of the client.

Art. 8


All disputes deriving from this agreement will be treated by the Belgian law.

Art. 9


The client needs to agree with the terms and conditions with any electronic order of products by using the checkbox “Agree”. An electronic order without this “Agree” declaration is, except fraudulent information of payments, technical impossible so these terms and conditions are always binding on the client. In this way the agreement will be terminated.